Here are some of the key parts of the webinar:
  • At 5:50 | Skip the cordials and jump right into an overview of the power of connected systems! (McKinsey & Company report)
  • At 11:19 | Chris talks more about RyvitDirect and introduces the API for Viewpoint Vista 
  • At 13:19 | Chris touches on the Vista Modules that are covered in the API, and talks about the intuitiveness 
  • At 30:10 | Tom talks about early success with clients using the API
  • At 38:18 | We switch gears and show AutoSync. 
  • At 41:07 | Video walkthrough of a .csv file being set up for in AutoSync for automation into Vista. 

Top Questions

Does this work with On-Prem Vista?
Yes. The API is for both On-Prem as well as Cloud versions of Viewpoint Vista. We install a micro-service on your server that communicates securely with the Ryvit Platform.
What Vista modules does the API cover?
Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Document Management, Equipment Management, General Ledger, Headquarters, Job Costs, Purchase Orders, Payroll, Subcontract Ledger, and soon, Inventory.
What is RyvitDirect Autosync?
AutoSync is like the Import Module in Vista, however Autosync adds Automatic file formatting, Automatic importing, and Automatic data validation.
What’s your pricing structure for RyvitDirect?
Our base package is an all-inclusive option that makes its super easy to get started with your first project. From there, we scale up to suit your specific needs as new projects come online. Pricing tiers are based on your company’s ACV, as there’s typically a strong correlation between ACV, data flow volume, and workflow complexity.