If You use Procore, and Your Architects use Newforma, Get this Today.

Until recently, there was a 13-step process in place for GCs and Architects using Procore and Newforma. Now, it's only 4 steps. We're going to show you how.

Newforma’s Workflow Connector for Procore streamlines and simplifies construction contract administration by allowing the construction team and the design team to each work in their preferred software solution.

Once granted access to the Procore project, it can be linked to a Newforma project by an administrator. Once linked a Submittal or RFI distributed for review from Procore will automatically appear within Newforma. After the review process is completed the reviewed Submittal or RFI will automatically be returned to Procore. The Connector completely eliminates double data entry or the need to manually transfer files from one system to another.

Here are some of the key parts of the webinar:
  • At 5:20 | Skip the cordials and jump right into an overview of Ryvit CDX Newforma &
  • At 6:41 | Mike and Tom talk about how "Data is the new Dollar".
  • At 29:20 | Mike and Tom talk about the Ryvit CDX. 
  • At 30:38 | Tom talks about the security profile of the CDX.
  • At 34:17 | Demo Time! We start with how to link a project into the CDX.
  • At 38:04 | What to do next? Reach out to us.