Ryvit is proud to host a collaborative Q&A Session with some of the brightest and most forward-thinking minds in AEC. Join us as we bring together customers and product leaders to discuss all things Viewpoint Vista, SAP Concur, and BambooHR. This one-hour session is perfect for anyone that would like to hear the ins and outs of these powerful integrations from people that have successfully implemented them and are now realizing significant returns on their investment.

Here are some of the key parts of the discussion:
  • At 6:48 | BambooHR: Chris Anderson talks about Why Batchelor & Kimball chose BambooHR and Ryvit?
  • At 10:39 | SAP Concur: Jennifer Werth talks about the mindset of Koss Construction and when they decided to implement SAP Concur and Viewpoint Vista.
  • At 12:15 | SAP Concur: Tammy Alexander talks about what the average company looks for in integrating their technology.
  • At 13:48 | RyvitDirect API: Dave Deutschman talks about the use of RyvitDirect API for Vista and its use in UMC’s third party application integrations.
  • At 16:34 | RyvitDirect API: How easy is it tie into Vista tables? RyvitDirect API is module-based API with an underlying view of Vista database tables.
  • At 19:48 | BambooHR: if we are using HFF (FKA KeyStyle) portal, can we convert to BambooHR? Yes!
  • At 22:47 | SAP Concur: How are construction companies moving forward with SAP Concur, and their best use of products.
  • At 28:36 | RyvitDirect API: How are other construction companies using Vista API to integrate other applications? RFI, Submittals, BIM Docs.
  • At 31:50 | BambooHR: How easy is it to implement, and then use BambooHR & Vista?
  • At 41:21 | SAP Concur: Best practices with assigning phase codes and cost types to invoices.
  • At 48:26 | RyvitDirect API: Can developers add to the Vista API?
  • At 50:44 | Viewpoint Vista: Is Ryvit a preferred partner with Viewpoint Vista? Yes! We are a Viewpoint certified integration development partner.
  • At 51:50 | BambooHR: What are the future plans for BambooHR and Viewpoint? Yes! The Ryvit team talks about what is coming.
  • At 55:40 | RyvitDirect AutoSync: Tammy talks about RyvitDirect AutoSync. Automatic importing of flat-files into Vista.

Customer Experts

chris anderson

Chris Anderson

Batchelor & Kimball

Over his 25-year career in human resources, Chris has led teams for companies in manufacturing and other industries in the U.S. and overseas. His primary role is to develop and support the company culture through training and development programs that help employees reach their full potential.
dave deutschman

Dave Deutschman

Technology Manager

Dave’s ability to lead teams and improve technology adoption throughout the business is paramount to University Mechanical’s success. His extensive experience with technology in many verticals has led to new product and service launches and hardware/software implementations that are consistently completed on-time and within budget.
Jennifer Werth

Jennifer Werth

Koss Construction

Jennifer Werth joined Koss Construction in 2015 and has become a critical member of the accounting department. She’s helped instill new processes, implement new tools, and automate workflows. Jennifer was one of Ryvit’s very first customers to leverage our Concur Invoice integration.

Product Leaders

chris collins

Chris Collins

Vice President of Technology
angie licata

Angie Licata

Chief Operating Officer
richy varghese

Richy Varghese

Product Manager

Moderated by:

Mike Cisar

Mike Cisar

Director of Customer Success
Tammy Alexander

Tammy Alexander

Channel Executive