Automatic File Processing for Viewpoint Spectrum

Ryvit’s platform makes it possible to automate the file import process between Viewpoint Spectrum and your favorite tools.

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Perfect for Automated Flow into Spectrum

If a full-blown API connection is a bit more than what you need, our automated file tool might be exactly what you need to create significant productivity enhancements to your daily processes.

Here's how it works:


Pull a .csv file from any application you choose with the data that you want imported to Viewpoint Spectrum


Put that file in a pre-determined file server or FTP.


Each time a file is added to the server, our file processing workflow begins.


Our logic engine will pull the file from the designated location and begin processing per your requirements.


Data is pulled from the file and prepared for automatic import into Viewpoint Spectrum. No manual effort from you is needed.


Once the data import is complete, our system will notify you of successful and/or failed actions for correction, if needed.

Stop Wasting Time on Manual File Imports

Manual file imports are stealing your company’s productivity and creating unnecessary data risks that could lead to hundreds of thousands of lost dollars.

Cohesive Sources of Truth

Real data comes from an array of products used at your company. Embrace and empower those disparate sources of truth by ensuring Viewpoint Spectrum is automatically updated to reflect reality.

Head-Turning Efficiency

A single file import process can take up to 20 minutes – assuming it’s an error-free file. Stop subjecting your most valuable resource – your people – to such an arduous process that can be automated away.

Confident Data Integrity

When human intervention is part of the process, the process becomes prone to errors. With automated file processing, your stakeholders can be confident that the data in Viewpoint Spectrum reflects reality.