Mike Cisar, Customer Success Manager

As of 10/23/2019, those are the most recent comments I’ve received from John and the team at Moran Environmental Recovery (MER) when asked about their experience with our integration between Concur Expense and Viewpoint Spectrum.

And it’s my pleasure to publish this story about how Ryvit & MER have come to build such a successful working relationship.

Life before Automation

Before pulling the trigger on Concur Expense and Ryvit’s integration for Spectrum, the team at MER was working with ‘broken’ tools for credit card processing, leading to a “VERY manual procedure taking up a good chunk of time each week.” In addition, their reimbursable expense reporting process was very manual and needed a bit of updating. And last, but not least, they were looking into a way to automate and update the AP processes. SAP Concur offered solutions for all of those challenges.

Moran Environmental

Options with Ryvit & SAP Concur

Initially, the team at MER were looking into a proprietary solution through their current company card provider. However, as they learned more about the program, they realized that it would still require a manual process, and frankly, the customer service was lacking. In John’s words, “Concur Expense, with Ryvit, provided the streamlined solutions we were looking for.” Ryvit & SAP Concur worked together for MER to automate manual processes and provide an option to allow additional cards to cardholders, because MER didn’t have to work through the manual process of reconciling multiple accounts.

MER has an extensive equipment and job list that changes/updates frequently. The manual process of importing those lists would be time-consuming and tedious. “Without Ryvit to put the integrations in place, we would not have made the Concur Expense purchase.”

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Quite honestly, we hear this type of feedback frequently from clients and SAP Concur Activation Coaches – especially when I tell them that Ryvit will populate the list data automatically, and then parse the invoices form the expense reports… it’s a bit of a ‘Wow!’ moment for everyone.

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