Level 10 Construction saves 92% per employee with BambooHR & Ryvit.

Mike Cisar, Director of Marketing & Customer Success at Ryvit sits down with the HR team at Level 10 GC in California to talk about life before Ryvit, their experiences during the implementation, and what life has been like since the solution was put in place. Perfect for companies that want to learn about the ROI from automatic data syncs for human resource data tasks between BambooHR and Viewpoint Vista.

Here are some of the key points in the interview:
  • 1:35 | The team talks about Level 10 GC corporate culture.
  • 6:39 | Tara talks about life before BambooHR.
  • 8:40 | Tara explains what they appreciate most about BambooHR.
  • 12:25 | Mike talks about the difference between having access to an API and having a pre-built integration.
  • 14:21 | The Level 10 team talks about their experience with Ryvit’s sales team.
  • 17:01 | Mike and the team talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of their implementation experience.
  • 26:15 | The Level 10 team shares reasons about why they’re happy with the BambooHR <> Vista integration.
  • 27:39 | Darlene talks about the amount of time she saves per employee.
  • 29:58 | Tara and the team declare that the past year has been “HR bliss!”
  • 31:10 | Tara talks about why she decided to invest in an HRIS like BambooHR.
  • 33:44 | Tara gives advice to other HR teams trying to champion an investment in an HRIS system.