J. Ranck Electric eliminates over 60 hours a week worth of accounts payable tasks with Ryvit & SAP Concur.

Perfect for companies that want to learn about the ROI from automatic data syncs for accounting data tasks between SAP Concur and Viewpoint Spectrum.

Here are some of the key points in the interview:
  • 1:21 | Lonna talks about the corporate culture at J. Ranck Electric
  • 8:15 | Lonna talks about incorporating more automation in their IT processes.
  • 10:40 | Lonna talks about first adopting Concur Expense
  • 13:58 | Lonna talks about how there used to be 2.5 people doing accounts payable tasks, now its one
  • 16:23 | Mike and Lonna discuss the ease of properly coding transactions
  • 27:07 | Mike and Lonna discuss how J. Ranck has saved 60 hours a week in AP tasks
  • 29:59 | Mike and Lonna discuss how to start talking about automation at your company

The world of work has evolved.

So should your accounts payable process.

Automate and streamline the expense management process and drive visibility into both corporate and job-related expenses.

  • Generate a file that can be easily imported into Viewpoint Spectrum
  • Allow your team to rapidly submit both corporate and job related expenses from the field
  • Speed your AP processes by synchronizing invoice data from Concur to Viewpoint Spectrum
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