Hit the Ground Running

When Alix Williams started as a staff accountant for Depcom Power, she was asked to take on an integration project between Concur Expense and Viewpoint Vista that was in- motion and left behind by her predecessor. "Ryvit made it easy to get up to speed and wrap my head around the data flow between the two systems..." recalls Alix. "I give credit to your customer success team for being so easy to work with and for driving the communication burden."

"I would probably be very lost if I didn't have this integration and your support."

Alix Williams, Staff Accountant, Depcom Power

"I tend to reach reach out to you guys with my problems on a Friday... not necessarily on purpose, but it's usually one of those tasks that comes in at the end of the week, and shouldn't wait until Monday... every time, your team has been accommodating - even when the responsibility wasn't actually yours. I would probably be very lost if I didn't have this integration and your support."

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Alix had never heard of Ryvit before, but she was cautiously optimistic about SAP Concur. "I had heard from some people that Concur Expense wasn't a great tool, but I wasn't part of the purchase decision, so I just decided to approach the project without any bias and let the technology speak for itself."

At the end of the day, Alix was determined to not let this project fail on her watch. "It's never easy to jump in midway and execute on someone else's ideas, but I knew that we needed this to work, so I dove in head first to help however I could."

Speed is the Competitive Edge

"We run so fast..." Depcom Power builds massive solar farms, and they actively manage anywhere from 14 to 25 jobs per year. Most of the time, those jobs overlap. They specialize in the building process, and their competitors are huge companies of 3,000+ employees. "Our current payroll sits at about 130 people, so to maintain a competitive edge, we are always looking for opportunities to automate mundane tasks that steal our time from us."

Like most construction companies, Depcom is Q4-heavy. "We're in full-steam-ahead mode, and it's only Q2!" Alix explains as she thinks back to her first Q4 with the company last year. "Last year's Q4 was crazy, and we're already outpacing that output, so if the same growth rate applies to Q4 this year, then the only way we survive is by improving our processes and leveraging automation to eliminate even more of the mindless tasks that steal time away from our people."

At Least 208 Hours / Year

"We save A LOT of time..." Before SAP Concur and Ryvit, the manual process was embarrassingly cumbersome. It started with a worksheet that needed to be downloaded, then uploaded to another system where all the blanks and errors could be addressed, and then it would move to two other systems for accuracy checks, and then it would be imported into Viewpoint Vista. "God forbid there was an error during the Vista import, because then we'd have to go all the way back to step 2 and figure out why there was an error."

Alix estimates that process would require 7-8 hours of her time every 2 weeks, "...but that assumes everything that was submitted was clean, so that's definitely on the low side in terms of impact. I'd venture to say it's actually much, much higher than that."

All told, Ryvit & SAP Concur have helped Depcom eliminate well-over 208 hours per year from their expense reporting process. And that time-savings will only compound as the solar panel industry continues to gain momentum and competition.

Advice for Other Accountants

"I will not go back to what we were doing before SAP Concur and Ryvit." Alix admits she's been converted to a believer and that she's not going back. "This has made my life so much easier. I can get the rest of my work done. I would 100% recommend working with Ryvit. Your core values have impacted us. You've taken responsibility for items that aren't even your fault. You've come along side us to partner in this with us. If someone asks me about expense reporting, it's a no-brainer to mention SAP Concur and Ryvit. That's how helpful you guys have been for us."