Batchelor & Kimball eliminates over a thousand hours’ worth of HR data tasks with Ryvit & BambooHR.

Perfect for companies that want to learn about the ROI from automatic data syncs for human resource data tasks between BambooHR and Viewpoint Vista.

Here are some of the key points in the interview:
  • 4:45 | Chris talks about the BKI corporate culture
  • 8:50 | Mike and Chris discuss the challenges of managing a transient workforce
  • 14:00 | Mike shares a brief history of Ryvit and our role in the construction technology industry
  • 17:00 | Mike and Chris discuss the collaborative effort that Ryvit & BKI put forth to build an integration that works
  • 31:58 | Chris shares his first impressions of working with Ryvit
  • 38:10 | Chris shares how much time, money, and effort that BKI has saved because of Ryvit & BambooHR
  • 46:53 | Chris shares some words of wisdom for other CFOs and CHROs

The world of work has evolved.

So should your hiring process.

Automate the employee onboarding process with your ERP so your HR and finance teams can stay in sync and on track.

  • Sync your HR and finance data.
  • Automatically update payroll.
  • Scale up your onboarding capacity. 
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