Mike Cisar, Customer Success Manager

My name is Mike Cisar. I lead customer success at Ryvit. One of my strategic initiatives in 2019/20 is to help raise awareness of our capabilities in the Construction Accounting world. It’s my distinct pleasure to share with you one of the most encouraging customer testimonials we’ve received in our young company history. Below is my conversation with Jennifer Werth, Controller at Koss Construction in Topeka, Kansas. Enjoy!

What was life at Koss Construction like before SAP Concur and Ryvit entered the conversation?

We process thousands of invoices per month. We had employed a full-time accounts payable technician to manually enter/process those invoices. It wasn’t perfect, but it was “good enough” at the time. Unfortunately, human error being what it is, there was a higher-than-desired rate of input errors that led to invoices being paid to the wrong vendors and for the wrong amounts.

How did you hear about SAP Concur and Ryvit?

We weren’t actively looking for any solutions, but when SAP Concur reached out to us with a compelling invoice processing solution, that would reduce input errors, digitize our paper trail, and make our payment processing more efficient, we became very interested in an automated solution.

Koss Construction Concrete Mixer

But there was one undeniable issue with the SAP Concur solution – duplicate entries. When we first started talking with Concur, we got excited about their invoicing module, but we weren’t excited about the idea of having to manually manage entries and data flow. Then, SAP Concur introduced us to Ryvit. And that’s when the stars aligned. My exact words were “Oh my God… this is awesome!”

Has SAP Concur Invoice, with the help of Ryvit’s SAP Concur - Viewpoint Vista™ integration, performed as advertised?

Yes. The integration maximizes our invoicing efficiency by eliminating duplicate efforts and human error. After we talked with Ryvit and SAP Concur about invoice processing, we looked at other options, but nothing else really stood out to us as a fully automated solution.

That’s great to hear. What’s your evidence that this actually worked for Koss Construction?

The Concur Invoice integration that Ryvit provides has eliminated 70% of the accounts payable technician position. We’re saving significant time and money.

Ryvit pulls the data that Concur Invoice needs, and our team can quickly (and accurately) do everything they need to do in Concur Invoice. And Concur Invoice's app allows our approval team to approve items much more quickly and confidently. We’ve also saved a lot of time switching from paper records to a digital system. Everything is so much more organized.

Again, that’s great to hear! Last, but not least, if a Viewpoint user asked you about your experience with Ryvit and SAP Concur, what would you say?

Working with Ryvit’s sales team was a great experience. Tammy was fully accessible and ready to help answer my questions to make sure we were making the right decision for our business and our processes.

Our instance in Vista™ is a bit complex, so while the implementation process was a bit hectic, Ryvit’s implementation team – led by Angie - showed us time, and time again, that they know Vista™ and they know Concur. Their integration works very well to reflect our needs in both systems.

Ryvit’s expertise and responsiveness have been absolutely delightful.

I fully expect Ryvit to continue to be there for us, and if/when we can leverage their services again, we’ll definitely give them a call.

If you’re looking at Concur Invoice… get Ryvit involved.