Gary Stough

Gary Stough

Head of CDX Sales

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I’m here to help you make the best-possible decision for you, your project partners, and your people. I believe CDX presents a truly disruptive approach to project data sharing. I joined Ryvit to help build this movement from the ground up. The question now isn’t “Will early adopters gain an advantage,” but rather, “How far ahead will early adopters jump in front of the rest of the pack.”

The Ryvit CDX Portfolio is Rapidly Expanding

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What’s the Big Idea?

Ryvit CDX Integrations enable automated data flow between multiple systems licensed by different project stakeholders at the project level.

So, What?

So... now you can stop signing into systems you don’t like to appease your partners’ needs.

Who is This For?

Ryvit CDX Integrations are specifically designed for Owners, Designers, GCs, and Subs that want to access pertinent segments of project-related data within the confines of their preferred systems.

How Does it Work?

When your system is connected through a Ryvit CDX Integration, each stakeholder can confidently proceed knowing that 1) the data they see is accurate; and 2) is properly represented for each other project stakeholder in their preferred systems, as well.

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