Leverage a fully integrated technology environment with Ryvit’s integration for ServiceTitan and Viewpoint Vista® Vista

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  • Automatically sync accounting data from ServiceTitan to keep Viewpoint Vista up to date on all Customers, Vendors, and PriceBook items
  • Equip back office employees with premium tools, creating additional capacity for higher value activities
  • Remove the need for any manual steps like downloading, exporting, or reformatting files

Viewpoint Vista + ServiceTitan

This bi-directional integration enables customer creation in Vista Accounts Receivable module or ServiceTitan. Whether you prefer to create new users in ServiceTitan or Viewpoint Vista, this integration will allow for both and initializing Service Titan with your existing customers in Vista.


Accounts Payable teams rejoice with the ability to retain control of new Vendor creation in Vista ensuring only allowed Vendors are used in ServiceTitan.


Customer invoices and credit memos that are generated in ServiceTitan will be synchronized with Vista Accounts Receivable Invoices and the associated cost side impacts are recorded in JC. This approach ensures that Vista inventory values, cost of goods, and accounts receivable are all accounted for in general ledger.


This integration supports both customer down payments and payments on invoices. Down payments will be posted as 'On-Account' transactions. And payments on invoices will be posted directly to the AR Invoice. When the down payment is associated to a customer invoice in ServiceTitan the integration will apply the On-Account funds to the appropriate invoice. These steps drive alignment between ServiceTitan and Vista for cash received.


As the product is received in ServiceTitan, a receiver is generated. If you choose to automatically create a Bill in Service Titan based on this receiver, we will integrate the bills to Vista as Purchase Orders to pay against when the invoice from the Vendor is processed by AP. AP staff will know that all POs are for received goods and are ready to pay. Alternatively, if the Service Titan Bill is entered when the Vendor's invoice is received, we will integrate this bill to Vista as an AP Invoice. AP staff will then be able to pay vendors as they always have, without any duplicate entries or difficult approval processes between departments.

ServiceTitan is trusted by more than 100,000 contractors.

Offer flexible payment options.

Snap a photo to securely capture checks and credit cards in the field, or send customers a link to a personalized online payment portal.

Save time and improve cash flow.

Credit card and check payments are deposited the very next day with ServiceTitan Payments—and with online payments, you’ll get paid 2-3x faster.

Eliminate manual reconciliation.

Automatically match your electronic payments to your bank deposits and then let Ryvit send the batch report to Viewpoint Vista for you.​

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