Connect Procore and Viewpoint® Vista™

Connect your office and field teams; syncing everything from commitments, actual costs, estimates, and more.

  • Eliminate costly errors
  • Eliminate manual double entry
  • Keep your office & field teams aligned 
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Formidable on their own; Unstoppable on Ryvit

Construction companies can now harness the power of integrated dataflow between Viewpoint Vista's
powerful accounting functionality and Procore's robust project management and job costing capabilities.

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Without manual double entry, you can save time and eliminate the risk of costly errors.

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Make informed, confident decisions with quick data syncs between office and field.

Powerful Performance


Project teams and accounting teams can work in their preferred software without waiting for alignment.

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Your accounting team maintains full control over financial data pushed to and from Viewpoint Vista.

The Proof is in the Projects

Clients using the connector
Cumulative ACV Impact
Cumulative Hours Saved

Rabren Saves 141 Hours

[Case Study]

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"I looked at our ERP tab. We’ve synced over 700 contracts and 1,000 change orders. I mean, just assume five minutes entry for each one of those. That tells you right there how much time has been saved just by our accounting department."

JR Allen, Controller
Rabren General Contractors

"Procore was the number one project management software out there, hands down. But at the same time, without that connector, we wouldn’t have been able to make that partnership because of how vested we are with Vista as our ERP software. So yeah, it became very clear very quickly that it was a no-brainer choice."

Dylan Keller, LEED Green Associate
Warfel Construction

Warfel Saves 75 Hours Annually

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Willmar Goes Paper-Free

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"Whenever you guys have offered a solution and said you were going to do something, you've always done it. Right now, we're 30 days into our Viewpoint integration, and we love it."

Misty Lauer, Controller
Willmar Electric

"We no longer need two systems to do our owner changes, because we can push info across both systems. The change order process in Procore is straightforward and simple, and it saves time. We have all our commitments and change orders in one place. It’s a nice luxury to have."

Neil Lovelace, Technology Manager
KBD Group

KBD Group Saves 350 Hours Per Year

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Connector Details

Explore the features of the Procore and Viewpoint Vista Connector

  • Overview Video

  • What is Synced

  • Data Mappings

  • Integration Requirements

  • Helpful Links

Overview Video

What is Synced?

The following data fields are synced when Procore connects to Viewpoint® Vista™ using the Integration by Ryvit:

  • Account Payable Dollars Paid
  • Commitments
  • Commitment Change Orders
  • Cost Codes
  • Cost Types
  • Job-to-Date Costs and Units
  • Month-to-Date Costs and Units
  • Original Estimate
  • Prime Contract
  • Prime Contract Change Orders
  • Vendors


  • Job names are not synchronized because some companies have longer project names in Procore than what is allowed in the Integration by Ryvit.
  • The Integration by Ryvit treats Sub Jobs as Jobs, so Procore's sub job concept is not supported with the integration.

Data Mappings

Procore and Viewpoint Vista Mappings

Integration Requirements

Vista Requirements

  • Viewpoint® Enterprise Cloud (VEC)
  • Vista™ by Viewpoint® (Version 6.11.3 and newer)

Procore Requirements

  • Change Events
  • Change Orders
  • Commitments