Get your time back with PayeWaive’s digital lien waiver and payments processing tools on Ryvit’s powerful construction technology integration network.

  • Easy lien waiver signing
  • Subcontractor payments
  • Waiver library & management 
  • Reporting & tracking 

Connector Mapping

  • Vista
  • Viewpoint Vista - Payewaive

    PayeWaive is an all-inclusive management software for managing the signing, notarization, payment, and reporting of lien waivers. The PayeWaive connector with Viewpoint Vista is centered around streamlining the flow of job, vendor, and subcontract data between Viewpoint Vista and PayeWaive.

    Manage your assets efficiently and receive valuable insights on your business reliably and accurately, so you see the big picture, improve communication, strengthen your operations, and grow your bottom line.

    Easy lien waiver signing.
    Fast subcontractor payments.​
    Keep your office and field teams connected.​
    Be confident with your reporting and tracking.​
    Viewpoint Vista + Payewaive

    Vista JC Jobs are sent to PayeWaive, keeping your Job data synchronized across your technology stack.


    Vista AP Vendors are sent to PayeWaive, keeping your Vendor data synchronized across your technology stack.


    Each Vista SL Subcontract is sent to PayeWaive along with any changes to that Subcontract that may occur, ensuring your PayeWaive environment is always up to date.


    Along with Subcontracts, each Vista SL Subcontract Change Order is sent to PayeWaive, ensuring your PayeWaive environment is always up to date.


    Posted AP Invoices from Vista are sent to PayeWaive ensuring the contractors in Payewaive always see current data.


    As Payments are posted in Vista these payments are reflected in PayeWaive. This includes checks or efts you may make directly from Vista or payments you want PayeWaive to dispurse.


    Contractors in PayeWaive can enter their invoices. Then the integration will put these invoices in a Daily AP Transaction Entry batch for your team to review and post.

Save Time

Easy Lien Waiver Signing

Electronic signatures can be signed digitally. In-person notarization and remote notarization are both supported, when needed.


Subcontractor Payments

Collecting waivers and making subcontractor payments is complicated and time-consuming. PayeWaive acts as the escrow for signed waivers and outgoing payments.


Waiver Library & Management

Store all your conditional and unconditional waiver templates in PayeWaive and associate them with your jobs. Have a custom waiver for just one job? PayeWaive can handle it.


Reporting & Tracking

PayeWaive can track the status of all your waivers, letting you know how many milestones and final waivers are still pending, getting you paid faster.