Simplify your Insurance Tracking by Integrating myCOI with your ERP.

  • Save time and improve compliance accuracy
  • Increase the value of your myCOI investment
  • educe the risk associated with litigation costs or failed audits 

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Integration Map

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  • Vista
  • Sage 100 C
  • Sage 300 CRE

Connector Map Details for myCOI <> Vista

If your team is spending an excessive amount of time trying to manually track subcontractor insurance compliance documents and navigating the intricacies of insurance documentation, then this integration should be part of your tech stack. Stop struggling with project-based insurance tracking. Mitigating the risk associated with non-compliant vendors shouldn’t be this hard.

Ryvit's integration between myCOI and Viewpoint Vista automates the tracking process for certificates of insurance (COIs). Take advantage of myCOI's best of breed compliance management software and assure that each of your vendor’s (or subcontractor's) insurance coverage meets the requirements of each job prior to remitting payment for work completed.

Save time and improve compliance accuracy for your teams with myCOI's cloud-based compliance tracking application
Increase the value of your myCOI investment by allowing critical job, subcontracts, and compliance details to be synced between myCOI and Vista
Reduce the risk associated with litigation costs or failed audits due to underinsured claims on your construction projects
Viewpoint Vista + myCOI

Sage 100 Contractor - myCOI

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This integration is in the pipeline for development. If you would like to be considered for our early adopter program and get first-look access to the technology, then fill out the form. We’ll be in touch to discuss shortly.

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Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate - myCOI

The integration between myCOI and Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate allows companies to leverage myCOI’s insurance compliance tracking technology and expertise to assure subcontract level insurance compliance is up to date, while also automatically updating insurance compliance details in Sage 300 CRE to avoid the risk associated with paying non-compliant vendors.

Customers who have this integration turned on will receive Sage 300 Compliance Warnings when attempting to give Final Compliance Approval on any subcontract that has a non-compliant or expired policy line that is required on the job.

Streamline your COI tracking process with myCOI's automated solution while assuring policy line compliance details is reflected in Sage
Reduce the risk associated with paying vendors whose insurance coverage does not meet subcontract insurance requirements
myCOI & Sage 300 Mappings

Certificate of Insurance Tracking with myCOI.

Remain compliant and process certificates the smart way using myCOI Compliance Manager.

Leverage the myCOI Certificate Hub to eliminate paper trails and manage all of your certificates, requirements, and third-party relationships in a central repository.

Take advantage of the most robust and industry knowledgeable online workflow with myCOI Communication Director. ​

Stay protected and increase your liability awareness in real time with myCOI Risk Insights.

Streamline renewals and ensure timely response to insurance requests by having agents leverage the myCOI Agent Portal. ​

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