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  • Tackle payroll & AP tasks in Miter.
  • Rest assured knowing that Miter is always in sync with Job, Cost Code, and Employee information from your ERP.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and improve confidence.
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Viewpoint Vista - Miter

Ryvit & Miter have partnered to eliminate duplicate data entry from the Payroll and AP processes within your construction business.

Miter’s purpose-built payroll and AP platform for construction makes it easy to pay your vendors, issue expense cards to your team, and manage job costs; saving hours per week and thousands of dollars per year.

Miter + Ryvit’s Integration Network means your team can leverage Miter’s intuitive modules with data from Viewpoint Vista. Furthermore, you can leverage information within Miter to keep Vista informed of changes and updates to JC Cost Entries and GL Transactions.

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NOTE: The Miter <> Viewpoint Vista connector is currently in beta. We’re gladly accepting new inquiries from companies that leverage Viewpoint Vista to participate as an early adopter.

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Contractors that use Miter can end up saving over 5 days of work each month and over $35,000 each year.

I used to spend over 20 hours each week tracking down paper time cards, manually entering them into payroll, and then creating certified payroll reports by hand. With Miter, it only takes me 1 hour to pay my team and create my reports — giving me precious time back to spend with my granddaughter.

Dorothy D - Office Manager

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