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Integrate Milwaukee ONE-KEY and Viewpoint® Vista

  • No more manual item entry.
  • No more manual category entry.
  • No more manual places entry.
  • No more manual equipment transfer tracking.
  • No more manual costing!

Reduce your tool spend with Milwaukee ONE-KEY

Ryvit & Milwaukee Tool have partnered to bring insights from ONE-KEY’s powerful collaborative tool and equipment platform directly into Viewpoint Vista and never question your true equipment costs again!
In Development. Please inquire for details.
Viewpoint Vista + One Key

This is a bi-directional data runner that allows you to create and update tools in both Viewpoint Vista and Milwaukee One-Key. Only tools with an "Active" or "Down" status will be sent to One-Key. Any existing tools in One-Key will be seeded to Vista initially.


This data runner will use Vista's JC Jobs module to create and update One-Key's Places (Projects). You can decide which jobs are sent to One-Key by toggling the status in Vista. Please note: you can also customize your experience by configuring the logic for Soft Closed Jobs to treat that status the same as an open status.


This data runner will use Vista's EM Locations module to create and update One-Key's Places (Home Base). Only active locations will be sent to One-Key.


This data runner uses Vista's PR Employees module to create and update One-Key's People. During the setup process, we will help you create a User-Defined Field (UDF) in Vista to determine which employees you would like to send to One-Key.


This data runner sends Job Costs information from One-Key to EM Usage Posting or JC Cost Adjustment in Vista (your choice). During the setup process, you will also set the default phase, cost type, and revenue code (if EM Usage Posting is used) to be used during job cost posting. Please note: EM Usage Posting can only be used if all tools in One-Key are in Vista's EM Equipment module.

ONE-KEY is a comprehensive construction inventory management system that collects tool usage data and compiles it into an intuitive dashboard for confident decision-making across multiple job sites.

The ONE-KEY integration for Viewpoint Vista starts by making sure that your field teams and tool management teams are working with the most recent item and job information. Then, the integration will communicate equipment transfers back to Viewpoint Vista to keep your office teams informed as tools are switching hands.

Effortless inventory management on the largest tool tracking network.

From asset ID tagging and equipment trackers to barcode scanning and geofencing, get complete visibility across jobs and cost-saving alerts.

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ONE-KEY connected tools can be dialed into precise settings, provide utilization data, and alert your team before needed repairs.

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Streamline your process with one digital catalog that your team can access from anywhere. Gain insights on how your equipment is working.​

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