$1.2 Trillion is up for Grabs.

Read the full Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act [Public Law 115-78] Dated November 15, 2021

The Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) is here.
Let’s break it down.

IIJA Quick Facts

$ Trillion
$ Million

Notable Sectors & Funds for 2022-2026

Federal Highways

$52 Billion in 2022, then incrementally increasing each year up to $56 Billion by 2026


$600 Million in 2022, then incrementally increasing each year up to $700 Million by 2026

Charging & Fueling

$300 Million in 2022, then incrementally increasing each year up to $700 Million by 2026.

Wildlife Crossings

$60 Million in 2022, then incrementally increasing each year up to $80 Million by 2026.

The Federal Highway Administration provides information on current contracting opportunities, bid tabulations, awarded contracts, awarded IDIQ contracts, and relevant procurement regulations.

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Emerging Technology Focus in 2022-2026

Increasing the Structural Integrity and Cost-Effectiveness of Surface Transportation Infrastructure

A pilot program will be established to research and develop activities relating to leveraging advanced and additive manufacturing technologies.

Surface Transportation Infrastructure
Autonomous Vehicles

Connected, Autonomous, and Platooned Vehicles

Research will be conducted to ensure that transportation infrastructure design will more effectively account for the fact that there will be an increased usage of automated driving systems and advanced driver-assistance systems.

Advanced Digital Construction Management Systems

Significant effort will be put forth to promote, implement, deploy, demonstrate, showcase, support, and document the application of advanced digital construction management systems, practices, performance, and benefits.

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Digital Construction Systems

Let’s Zoom in on the $100M Set Aside for Construction Technology

In Section 13006 (titled “Research and Technology Development and Deployment”), the IIJA commands a staggering amendment to Section 503 of title 23 of the United States code to make clear the imperative to accelerate the use and adoption of effective construction management technologies.

In essence, the IIJA added an entirely new section titled “Accelerated Implementation and Deployment of Advanced Digital Construction Management Systems.” And as a result...

$20M will be set aside each year for the following objectives over the next five years:

IIJA Objectives for Construction Technology

Key Results to Expect


Accelerate adoption of advanced digital construction management systems applied throughout the construction lifecycle (including through the design and engineering, construction, and operations phases).

  • Interoperability between systems, products, tools, and applications will be maximized.
  • Productivity will be boosted.
  • Complexity will be more manageable.
  • Project delays and cost overruns will be reduced.
  • Safety and quality will be enhanced.


Improve the information-sharing process among stakeholders (measured by accuracy and turn-around time).

  • There will be a significant reduction in the use of paper to manage construction processes and deliverables such as:
  • Blueprints
  • Design drawings
  • Procurement and supply-chain orders
  • Equipment logs
  • Daily progress reports
  • Punch lists


Empower construction workers to perform tasks faster, safer, more accurately, and with minimal supervision.

  • Digital management systems will be deployed more quickly and used more widely on the job site.
  • Automated and connected machinery will be deployed more frequently.
  • Routing software will be leveraged.


Reduce the environmental footprint of construction projects.

  • Advanced digital construction management systems will be leveraged to help eliminate congestion and material waste on job sites.

The IIJA has been enacted to improve the infrastructure of the United States and to accelerate the adoption of emerging and advanced technologies in the world of construction. If you’re looking for ways that you can accelerate your company’s output, boost your team’s productivity, manage project complexity more effectively, reduce cost overruns, improve quality and safety, and ditch your dependence on paper throughout your departments, then consider leveraging Ryvit’s Integration Network.

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One Small Line of Text, One Huge Task for Construction Tech

In addition to the objectives listed above, the IIJA stipulates that there will be an effort to “develop and deploy best practices for use in digital construction management.” To that end, if you’re not already aware of the concepts surrounding construction data exchange (CDX), then you should take a look at what the experts within the Construction Progress Coalition (CPC) have put together.

“Interoperability best practices have long eluded the construction sector. While there are many factors at play here, the work that the CPC is doing to bring some of the most brilliant minds on construction project management together to discuss shared pains and translate those into shared solutions is a fantastic use of resources, from my perspective. At Ryvit, we’re proud to work with the CPC and we whole-heartedly expect bigger and better outputs from this cohort in the years to come. The IIJA is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the public eye catching wind of how crucial it is for the entire sector to build best practices in project management.”

Tom Stemm, Founder/CEO, Ryvit

Disclosure: Ryvit is a member of the CPC, but we get no financial gain from promoting this organization. They’re a non-profit that’s been building a community of decision-makers and doers in the construction industry for nearly a decade with the sole purpose of improving project delivery by connecting stakeholders through a Common Data Exchange (CDX).

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Angie Wiering, COO, Ryvit

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