Connect InEight and Viewpoint®

InEight Project Suite and Viewpoint Vista

Automate the employee and equipment data with your ERP so your management and finance teams can stay in sync and on track.

  • Sync employee, job, and finance data.
  • Automatically send change orders into Vista
  • Ensure clean data is accurate for reporting. 

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Connector Mappings

The goal of the integration between InEight and Viewpoint Vista is centered around streamlining the flow of employee, equipment, and job data between Viewpoint Vista and InEight.

Exchange data between the InEight Project Suite (IPS) and Viewpoint Vista.
Eliminate duplicate entry between the two systems.​
Ensure your data is clean and accurate for reporting and decision making.​
Help preserve your team’s most valuable resource: time.​​
Viewpoint Vista + InEight

This runner executes on a 30-minute schedule to create/update InEight Trades based on Crafts in Viewpoint Vista. (Please note: InEight Trades = Viewpoint Vista Crafts)


This runner executes on a 30-minute schedule to create/update InEight Crafts based on Classes in Viewpoint Vista. (Please note: InEight Crafts = Viewpoint Vista Classes)


This runner executes on a 30-minute schedule to create/update InEight Employees based on Employees in Viewpoint Vista.


Viewpoint Vista does not have a direct equivalent to InEight Equipment Categories. Therefore, this runner will be custom-designed with the customer during implementation to leverage a built-in hierarchy in Vista based on the input mask of the Vista EM Category or leverage a custom field setup to establish an additional grouping mechanism.


This runner executes on a 30-minute schedule to create/update InEight Equipment based on Equipment in Viewpoint Vista.


This runner executes on a 30-minute schedule to create/update hierarchy of InEight Organizations based on Vista Companies and Departments. (Please note: Organizations are a way to group projects and are most often organized as equivalent to JC Departments in Vista.)


This runner will create/update JobPhases on the Job in Vista based on configured rules and formatting put in place to align which items in Control are integrated to Vista.


This runner will align Viewpoint Vista CostType assignments at the JobPhase level and maintain original estimate values for dollars, units, and hours via JC Original Estimates. Current budget values will be indicated via JC Change Orders. The same rules that indicated items marked for integration will be applied to the Budget items as to the Cost items.


Actual cost transactions (from the JCCD table in Vista) will be read from Vista and packaged to send to InEight to align actual dollars and hours on a schedule.


InEight provides field-tested project management software

for the owners, contractors, engineers and architects who are building the world around us. Over 300,000 users and more than 750 customers worldwide rely on InEight for real-time insights that help manage risk and keep projects on schedule and under budget across the entire life cycle. From pre-planning to design, from estimating to scheduling, and from field execution to turnover, InEight has powered more than $400 billion in projects globally.

Estimates & Schedules

Connect estimates and schedules to visualize time-phased costs and resource utilization.

Manage Changes

Manage changes as estimates evolve from conceptual rough orders of magnitude to detailed work plans.

Standardize Estimates

Standardize estimates across your organization.​

Leverage Benchmarks

Leverage historical benchmarks for increased accuracy.​

How to Connect

It's easy to connect.
  • 1

    Execute an agreement with Ryvit.

  • 2

    Install RyvitAgent to provide secure connection to Viewpoint.

  • 3

    Some features of the integration are configurable based on your company’s business processes. This will be determined during implementation.

  • 4

    Activate the integration plan to begin exchanging data, introducing automation and ensure data integrity.​