Gather ‘round, kiddos and let me tell you about a time that two construction tech companies collaborated to make a CIO’s day...

Story Summary

For Contractors:

  • Ever have that one thing that you wish your digital tools could do just a bit more effectively?
  • So did Andreas Wettainen, CIO at ADK Electric.
  • His team noticed that the original version of the Kojo <> Vista integration didn’t push Item from Kojo into Material within Vista.
  • Andreas brought the desired outcome to Ryvit.
  • Ryvit and Kojo got to work.
  • Now the integration delivers the time-saving value prop we promised.

For Construction Tech Developers:

  • Ever have that one thing you wish you could change for your clients, but simply lack the capacity or expertise to tackle it alone?
  • Well... take a note from Kenneth Lee, Product Manager at Kojo.
  • As part of the Ryvit Integration Network, Kojo’s development team gets priority attention from our integration specialists.
  • We collaborated over potential solutions to the challenge raised by the client and rolled out a successful fix within a matter of months.

The Best Possible Outcome Is Surfaced

On March 31, 2022, the account setup process between Ryvit and ADK Electric was completed. ADK was brand new to leveraging Ryvit’s iPaaS, so we worked directly with their team to establish a connection between their instances of Kojo and Viewpoint Vista. Once completed, the Kojo implementation team was able to configure the integration to ADK’s needs.

Material field sync Material field sync

Upon initial import, ADK noticed several inconsistencies, but after a few (efficient) rounds of troubleshooting, a successful test batch was achieved and the integration was working as designed (always a great start!).

And that’s when Andreas noticed that while the integration was successful, it was missing a key piece of data – Items. And by not including this runner, the integration wasn’t nearly as helpful as it should’ve been.

In an email from Andreas to Matt Valenti (Ryvit’s Director of Customer Success), Andreas made us aware of this fact:

Material field sync

“The most amazing software company we’ve ever worked with!”

Strategic partners on the Ryvit Integration Network get so much more than some API documentation and onboarding tools. They get creative, collaborative, and effective problem-solvers that act quickly to deliver client-oriented solutions that accelerate the use and adoption of their tools.

And that’s exactly what Kenneth Lee and the Kojo team found out once Matt Valenti and Angie Wiering (Ryvit’s COO) set their focus on ADK’s request to add a runner that could automatically sync the ITEM field from Kojo to the Material field in Vista.

The request was added to our development board for definition and scoping, and then queued up right behind the work in motion for the PO > WO runner for the same integration.

Just a few months later, the Kojo <> Vista integration update was completed. Thanks to Andreas Wettainen’s feedback, Kojo users can now set the item code on the line items when sending the PO back into Vista – a feature that’s sure to pay dividends in the form of time savings from day one!

As a result, Andreas was quick to sing our praises, declaring “Wow! You are the most amazing software company we ever have worked with!! Very excited to check it out! THANK YOU!!”

“At Ryvit we are serious about our ‘Grow or Die’ company value. We do not want to be a software company that sits back on released products. We want to constantly be improving our solutions to meet tomorrows needs. Our team was able to quickly take the feedback from our customer and work collaboratively with our partner (Kojo) to make a much needed improvement. This is the type of service Ryvit is know for.” - Matt Valenti, Director of Customer Success

The moral of the story?

When we say we listen to customers and collaborate with partners, we mean it.


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