Why Construction Companies Must Change Their Approach to Compliance

Originally published by: Sourceable.net on May 13, 2021

Why Construction Companies Must Change Their Approach to Compliance
Between contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, and internal administrative divisions, there are so many moving parts and disparate management systems that unifying them on a centralised system can sometimes seem impossible. In fact, regulators often collect fines from construction companies for failed inspections, poor safety standards and environmental concerns.

As regulators improve enforcement across the board, construction businesses are embracing technology to increase efficiency, enable better communication and reduce safety blind spots. However, even with the introduction of software-based compliance solutions, construction firms still struggle to find the balance between maintaining high levels of operational efficiency and establishing good compliance practices. Here are three reasons construction companies find compliance challenging and how they can effectively deploy regulation technology (RegTech) to change their approach to compliance.

In this article, Tom Stemm – Founder/CEO of Ryvit – explores:

  1. Why construction companies struggle to monitor their business
  2. How RegTech helps construction businesses change their approach to compliance
  3. Why a holistic approach is key to the success of compliance automation
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