How to establish effective communication in the construction sector

Originally published by: Construction Leadership Network on June 22th, 2021

How to establish effective communication in the construction sector
Construction projects, regardless of their scope and size, rely on communication and cooperation between various internal and external stakeholders. To facilitate this crucially important function, business leaders have given workers and employees free rein to communicate on their platform of choice, often without any corporate oversight. This has created the opposite of the intended outcome.

Without proper communication standards being applied and enforced by business leaders, miscommunication has been directly responsible for more than half of all construction rework Yet, construction managers still sometimes underestimate the importance of establishing effective lines of communication between all stakeholders in a project. Here are three reasons business leaders should consider communication essential to their operation.

In this article, Tom Stemm – Founder/CEO of Ryvit – talks about why communication is important for the construction industry, and then provides 3 ways to improve communication in the construction sector.

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