How Integration Brings Construction Into the Digital Age

Originally published by: Construction Business Owner on July 26th, 2021

How Integration Brings Construction Into the Digital Age
Like every other industry these days, construction businesses have been embracing digital solutions to conduct daily activities. Because of this digital transformation, application usage in the industry is steadily increasing.

But a growing tech stack doesn’t guarantee greater efficiency. Lack of integration and a growing sprawl of technological applications can create complications. A recent ConTech report by construction technology and insurance company JBKnowledge showed that most of the applications used by construction companies are poorly integrated with existing workflows. Integration between applications is crucial for the industry to reap the benefits of the digital revolution.

In this article, Tom Stemm – Founder/CEO of Ryvit – talks about the increased use of digital technology in construction, its impact on workflows, and the opportunity we have to break down silos.

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