How Automation Is Changing the Construction Industry

Originally published by: Construction Executive on May 5, 2021

How Automation Is Changing the Construction Industry
As more companies introduce technology and begin to transform their processes, many have speculated that automation truly represents the future for construction businesses. Automation can help companies solve issues such as a shrinking workforce, rampant inefficiency and widening information gaps between onsite and remote workers.

Automation can completely transform productivity and collaboration for the entire sector. However, recent research indicated that construction workers and business leaders are concerned about the impact automation might have on employee satisfaction, worker displacement and emotional stress within the workplace. The concerns mentioned are legitimate, but the reality of the impact of automation in the construction industry is significantly more positive. 

In this article, Angie Licata – COO of Ryvit – explores:

  1. Three ways automation is propelling the construction sector into the future
  2. Tips for construction companies to automate effectively
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