3 Reasons Your Data Workflow is Not Working for You

Originally published by: Glaass on May 6, 2021

3 Reasons Your Data Workflow is Not Working for You
When market forces shift and customer preferences evolve, businesses rely on the collection and analysis of data to design and implement company policies, executive decisions and operational workflows. The benefits of these activities range from improved operational efficiency to reduced operational costs.

Recent research has revealed that 71% of owners believe that effectively capturing and retaining data will help their construction business reduce lifecycle operations costs. Despite the obvious benefits of developing an effective and efficient data workflow, a vast majority of companies face challenges when implementing a comprehensive data gathering and analysis plan.

In this article, Tom Stemm – Founder/CEO of Ryvit – explores:

  1. Why Construction Data Workflows Need Transforming
  2. How Integration Improves Data Collection and Analysis for Construction Companies
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