Connect Agora and Viewpoint®

Best of Breed Supply Chain Management Platform meets Viewpoint Vista

Automate Jobs, Vendors, Cost Codes, and Change order data with Viewpoint Vista so your management and finance teams can stay in sync and on track.

  • Sync jobs, vendors, cost codes, and changes orders.
  • Keep track of supply orders and reduce delivery errors.
  • Ensure clean purchase order data is accurate for reporting. 

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Connector Mappings

Agora’s materials ordering platform supports asset tracking of every type and size of equipment in your fleet. Ryvit has partnered with Agora to streamline jobs, vendors, cost codes, and change orders with Viewpoint Vista.

Manage your assets efficiently and receive valuable insights on your business reliably and accurately, so you see the big picture, improve communication, strengthen your operations, and grow your bottom line.

Help project teams keep their assets and jobsites organized.
Understand asset telematics and performance data of your equipment.​
Keep your office, shop, and field teams connected.​
Accurately account for owned and rented assets.​
Agora & Viewpoint Vista Mappings

Shave Labor Hours of Every Project
(and that’s before it’s connected to Vista!)

Top electrical contractors trust Agora to get their materials on site, on time, at the best price. Agora trusts Ryvit to help deliver unparalleled integration results.

Save Time

Save time on the jobsite with quick requisitions, live order updates, and simplified check-ins.

Fast Processing

Liberate your back office by creating, sending, and processing POs in under 1 minute.

More Value

Get more value from your vendors with purchasing data analytics across all projects and vendors.​

Eliminate Waste

Eliminate wasted hours on data management tasks when you rely on Ryvit to keep Agora and Vista in sync.​

How to Save $$

  • 1

    Talk with Agora about integrating with Vista.

  • 2

    Connect your systems to the Ryvit platform.

  • 3

    Configure the data flow to your needs.

  • 4

    Activate and watch your margins grow.​